Another reason why you should know Physics

Period 2 Homework 

Period 3 Homework|

Period 6,7 Homework

Learn AP Physics

2014 Regents Physics Syllabus

2014 AP Physics Syllabus

Best Physics videos from 2008

Quest HW Service tutorial

Quest Logon

Calculus Tutorials

Nerdy Physics T-Shirts from an ex-MHS Nerd Vasnessa A

A cool Rube Goldberg video

We all know what happens when a Baseball is fired at 60 MPH off of a car that is traveling at 60 MPH. But its always nice to see it actually happenn.

                                      MLB Baseball Gameday stats (good stats on how pitched balls break and change speed)                            

Ultasonic ring tones

Ideas about the Fifth Dimension (not the pop group from the sixties)

Cell Phone Radiation Guide

A site that uses small words to describe Einstein's Theory of Relativity

A description of what 1/137 means to Physicists here

A good music video showing Rube Goldberg properties. Thanks to Ken R class of 04

If you missed "The Elegant Universe" Click here to see the episodes you missed ( thanks to Mike T. class of 04)
How Krispy Kremes Work    Thanks to Nicole D.class of 04

A nifty formula sheet thanks to Ben M. class of 04 (no you can't use it on tests)

For Mumbles Only


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